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Classes Descriptions

reformerREFORMER The most familiar equipment used to enhance Pilates work. You will develop muscular power with corresponding endurance. Some exercises are performed lying down, providing a base of support for the spine.

towerTOWER Is often considered the Cadillac of all equipment. This Pilates apparatus will have you sitting, lying, kneeling and standing! It permits many lengthening exercises designed to restore the spine to its normal birth position.

CHAIR A lesser used apparatus, the chair is a complete workout in itself. As with the other equipment, exercises are done sitting, standing, kneeling and lying on the chair. It encourages balance, a strong core and is for the intermediate to advance student.

gyrokinesisGYROKINESIS®: *A group class which may begin with self massage and breathing. “Awakening the senses” -Juliu HorvathWhile sitting on a stool, various spinal motions are performed moving to hips, legs in all directions. Kneeling and standing exercises can be added and in the more advanced levels, endurance is added by adding continuous movement from one set to the next and adding repetition. A GYROKINESIS® class is usually a preparation for more strenuous activities.