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August 25, 2010

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A short while ago, we were interviewed by a student at Columbia University.  Check it out!



October 15, 2011

Strengthen Your Supports!

Through years of dancing and using my body, I’ve had my share of foot injuries. After suffering a dropped metatarsal, I saw Dr. Novella in New York City. He helped me avoid surgery with preventative foot strengthening exercise.  I now incorporate these as well as others from Irene Dowd and Deborah Lessen into my daily life and Pilates classes at Mind Your Body NYC. Here are a few for your review. I hope you find these Pilates foot exercises helpful!

What is your favorite Pilates footwork/ foot strengthening exercise?

October 15, 2011

A Pilates Workout for the Road

Gail, owner of Mind Your Body Pilates,  demonstrates a well-rounded Pilates workout that you can practice wherever your summer takes you!

May 27, 2014

Complimentary Natal Lecture/Demonstration



MYB and Bella Bellies Certified instructor Allegra Lopez will discuss the physiological changes and demonstrate modifications for classes or privates. She hopes to guide you through a Mind/Body connection, connecting not only to your body, but your baby’s as well.

TUES 6/3 6PM-7:30PM
1370 Lexington Ave @90th st.
Cost- FREE
Sign up by contacting the front desk 212-426-7960
April 17, 2014

SpringTone® is in the Air!

“SpringTone® is just what MYB needed for the boot campers.Though challenging SpringTone is for all levels, and ages. We couldn’t be happier to bring this new and exciting class to you this Spring”- Gail Giovanniello

Mind Your Body Inc. owner, Gail Giovanniello, keeps Pilates on our radar with  a great new class this Spring.  Becoming a SpringTone® affiliate studio, she believes this new class is just what was needed to make Pilates feel new again!

Step away from the Reformer.  You don’t need anything more than the magic of the Pilates springs to get your heart rate up, your muscles burning and your whole body challenged to the core. SpringTone® is the ideal resistance training class utilizing various weighted springs to strengthen and sculpt you strong. Using timed circuits and cycling through body parts, you’ll heat up, tone up and lean out all while having a blast. Pilates is new again.

Need a workout that fits in everything in one fell swoop? Resistance training, core training, bodyweight training and circuit training all come together in a SpringTone® class delivering a unique 45 minute fitness experience. Whether you are a new exerciser or a group class junkie, SpringTone® will inspire you to a whole new way of working out. Yogis, Spinners, Runners, Dancers, Executives, Athletes and New students enjoy the fun, fast-paced results oriented workout that only comes with this Spring loaded routine.

February 17, 2014

New Pre-Natal & Post-Natal Group Classes to be Introduced with an In-House Workshop on How to Consider Pre or Post Natal Pilates Exercises

Pilates Upper East Side - Pre Natal Pilates UES - Post Natal Pilates NYC.jpgA Deeper Look: How to Consider

Pre -Natal or Post-Natal Pilates Exercises
Pilates Workshops NYC - Pre Natal Pilates exercise - Post Natal Pilates.jpgTaught by Allegra Lopez
Friday, March 14th
2:30 – 4:30 PM
1413 Lexington @92nd Street
Cost: $40.00

Pre-Natal and Post-Natal exercise and conditioning must be approached in very specific ways. Especially if certain front-loaded exercise moves are performed during and after pregnancy, a woman can really do damage – particularly to the upper abdominal and frontal rib cage areas of the body. Starting from the first trimester through delivery and particularly throughout the months after the baby is born, it is important to work with a certified Pre-and Post-Natal Pilates professional.

Pre Natal Pilates Upper East Side NYC - Post Natal Pilates NYC.jpgBenefits of Pre-Natal Exercise:

Promotes maternal well being while preparing mom for physical demands of motherhood. Increases energy, reduces back pain and improves maternal posture; promotes healthy muscle: fat ratio. Proper exercise can reduce constipation as well as nausea and bloating or swelling and it may prevent or help manage gestational diabetes. Pre-Natal Pilates conditioning improves sleep, reduces stress and lessens potential on-set of depression. Exercising may promote longer gestation periods and healthier birth weights as well as promoting speedier postpartum recovery.

Pilates classes Upper East Side - Pre Natal Pilates exercises.jpgNeed for a Specific Pre-Natal Exercise Program:

The hormones produced during pregnancy cause the ligaments that support your joints to become relaxed. This makes the joints more mobile and more at risk of injury. The extra weight in the front of your body during pregnancy shifts your center of gravity and places added stress on joints and muscles, especially those in the pelvis and lower back. This can make you less stable, cause back pain, and make you more likely to lose your balance and fall, especially in later pregnancy. The extra weight you are carrying will make your body work harder than before you were pregnant. The changes in your body can make certain positions and activities unsafe for you and your baby.

Pre-Natal Pilates with its emphasis on breath, alignment and control is a great form of exercise that will not strain your joints or cause injury.

Pilates classes upper east side - Post Natal Pilates Upper East Side.jpgOne-on-One Pilates Sessions or Small Group Pilates Classes focus on the deepest core muscles – the transverse abdominal layer – as well as strengthening the pelvic floor – creating muscle memory that helps the body recover faster post-partum – plus, women are also more likely to return to an exercise program if they worked out during the nine months of pregnancy.

85% of prenatal exercisers gained abdominal tone in the first few weeks post partum compared to 45% who did not exercise. The mind-body breath connection use in Pilates can also help mother prepare for the breathing demands during labor. Traditional Pilates exercises can be modified to meets the specific needs of each mother, helping them to cope with the physical stresses of pregnancy.

Pilates classes upper east side - Post Natal Pilates - Mommylates.jpgExercise can also benefit your growing baby and give your baby a healthier start in life.  The placenta, which feeds the baby with nutrients and oxygen during pregnancy, has shown a greater growth rate with mothers who exercised. Not only do babies whose mothers’ exercised have healthier birth weights – studies show that these babies are less likely to be obese or develop type 1 diabetes in childhood.


Pre Natal Pilates Upper East Side NYC - Post Natal Pilates Upper East Side.jpgPregnancy will inevitably stretch and weaken the core transversus abdominis muscle, and during the post partum period the body experiences a number of hormonal changes. The new mother’s body may retain fluid for milk production even if mom chooses not to breast feed. This may make her muscles feel softer and weaker. It is important to recognize that it may take time to rebuild strength, and that her exercise program should be modified in order allow the body time to heal naturally.

Stay tuned for the announcement of starting dates of our Pre- and Post-Natal Group Classes, but if you’re in need now, don’t delay! Sign up for a Private Pre-Natal Pilates Session with Allegra or sign up for the upcoming workshop, just a few weeks away!

A Deeper Look: How to Consider Pre or Post Natal Pilates Exercises
Taught by Allegra Lopez
Friday, March 14th
2:30 – 4:30 PM
1413 Lexington Ave @92nd Street
Cost: Just $40.00

Allegra Lopez from Mind Your Body Pilates is certified in the BellaBellies® program of Pre and Post Natal Pilates: www.bellabellies.com - Bella Bellies® owner Anne Martens, along with the help of her mother, Registered Nurse Lorraine, created and designed the Bella Bellies® Teacher Training courses.

Note: The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is the organization/standard referred to in terms of dues and don’t of prenatal exercise. Some of the information in this blog posting comes from Martens’ notes and also ACOG’s website.